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Food and Snack on the Go

J.C.A. has up-to-date vending machines for convenient snacks and meals. Each machine has great product display, a variety of fresh meals and branded products, high performance technology, and much more. From snack and food machines to “hot air cooked” French fry machines, J.C.A. can provide you with a very unique vending program that will suit all your needs.

Glass Front Snack Merchandiser
Available with $5.00/$10.00/$20.00 bill validator and change maker

You will enjoy a variety of brand name snacks in this user-friendly merchandiser. Snacks include chocolate bars, chips, pastries, natural foods, gum and candy. You can choose your own selection of quality items, especially healthy alternatives.
The perfect snacks are conveniently available in our easy to use vending machines. Some of the products that are available include:
- Various chips, including Hostess & Frito Lay, Old Dutch
- Chocolate bars, including Hershey, Cadbury, Neilson, and Nestle
- Assorted cookies, nuts, candy and gum.
- Plus more…

See our Snack Flyer (download, kb)




Shoppertron Cold Merchandiser
The refrigerated merchandiser is a perfect environment for a wide variety of fresh commissary products, fruits, yogurt, pastries, milk, and more.

See our Enjoy Your Meal Menu (download, kb)

Frozen Foods
Various ice cream products and frozen dinners are quick, easy, and convenient in our frozen foods vending machines.

French Fry Machines
Hot air cooked French fries are a perfect meal from our specialty

"Crank out Support for your Community."

JCA is proud to introduce Candy Carousels into your facility. These machines are designed to provide you with a quick snack to satisfy your sweet tooth during a busy work day, while supporting the community we live in.

See our flyer (download)



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