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Refreshing, Clean Water

Pure, clean water is an important part of life. We provide an excellent source for drinking water right in your work space. We know that consumers want to enjoy the cleanest tasting water available, so we offer the best equipment and service. We want to make sure your water is clean, easily attainable, and affordable. Therefore, we offer a special program to specifically take care of your needs.

We care and our program shows:

• Special equipment eliminates chlorine, odors, and other particulates. Also, they filter out harmful lead, bacteria, and asbestos fibers.

• Different types and colours of water coolers are available to meet your specific requirements. Water coolers are equipped to serve hot, cold, and room temperature water.

• Installation of “point of use” water cooler with no need to purchase bottles, a real savings at 2 bottles a week or more!

• Point of use water coolers have NSF approved filters.

• Water coolers can also tap into the current water supply, filtering it for pure, great tasting water. No storage space is needed for bottled water.

J.C.A. Food Services Ltd. will install, service, maintain and replace any of our own equipment.

Each customer has their own requirements for their office space, so our programs offer an opportunity for flexibility in delivering products that are convenient and suited for your needs.

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"We want to
make sure your
water is clean,
easily attainable,
and affordable"


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