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Convenient Vending

Quick and easy vending is a popular means for great snacks, meals, and a variety of beverages. Consumers are happy to find our reliable machines within easy access. J.C.A. understands the need for flexibility. With such a wide range of products, reliable equipment and services, J.C.A. is confident your specific needs will be satisfied. Your needs are important to us, so we will develop a specific vending program to suit your needs.

Vending Machine Program

J.C.A. will provide, install, restock, and maintain all required equipment - right in your facility!

• Ensure product freshness
• Promote three-staged filtered water for better tasting coffee and other hot drinks.
• Promote fresh homemade items like meals, sandwiches, and salads, etc.
• Provide new reliable vendors
• Reward continued customer loyalty with free drinks and special product promotions.
• Provide routine service which includes cleaning of equipment and ensuring all equipment is functioning as designed.
• Restocking according to desired selections and customer input.

We strive to monitor your food service program to ensure continued user satisfaction. Contact us if you have any specific product or service requests.



SureVend™ is a remarkable, new guaranteed product delivery system.

Infrared technology detects whether the vended product or beverage cup has dropped, guaranteeing that you either receive your product, or get your money back.

If a product is not dispensed after three attempted vends, the customer is given the option of selecting another product or accepting a refund.

SureVend™ keeps customers happy.


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