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Our Customer

J.C.A. focuses on providing a wide range of food services to industrial facilities right in the work place. Want to find out more? Contact us and we will provide you with a customer reference.

Superior Service

J.C.A strives to offer personal service that meets your specific food service needs. We accomplish this by having knowledgeable and committed personnel. These individuals interact with you and your organization to ensure that each merchandiser is consumer friendly by having the equipment well stocked, clean and working properly.

Our Reliable Equipment -
(Refer to the Merchandised Vending Section for Additional Details)

J.C.A. realizes that everyone benefits from reliable, quality equipment. We supply you with all the necessary equipment to meet your food service needs, and ensure that it is properly serviced and maintained. J.C.A. also updates your equipment when needed and is constantly searching for new technology to enhance your vending experience.

Our Quality Products
(Refer to the Merchandised Vending Section for Additional Details)

Our customers enjoy the experience of consuming products from our consumer friendly equipment that guarantee a product each time with the help of Sure Vend technology.



Special Promotions

We support and supply to special community organizations, functions and businesses. Those included are:

• Customer events i.e. golf tournaments
• Your organization’s family events
• Your social committee functions
• Gratuities
• Company Barbeques
• Luncheons

Contact us for more information on how we can be involved to satisfy your special vending and catering needs.

Our Memberships

J.C.A. is activity involved in our community. We uphold the support from important organizations such as:

• Better Business Bureau

• Canadian Federation of Independent Business

• Chamber of Commerce

We strongly believe in healthy and growing communities, which allow for strong businesses to be established within them. After all, these businesses are the customers that we service.


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