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Our Name

J.C.A. Food Services Ltd. was established in 1964 as Dick’s Catering. Today, as J.C.A. Food Services, we have carved out a special niche that has grown to include exceptional vending services along with office coffee, water coolers, and off premise catering right in your workplace.
Today, Wally and Ruth Zandberg own and operate J.C.A. Food Services along with their dedicated staff which also includes their sons – Jeremy, Chris, and Adam – hence our name, J.C.A Food Services.

Changing Services

J.C.A. values the learning experience of growing from a small catering service to a company that provides a wide range of food services. J.C.A. Food Services has expertise and a reputable dedication to quality services. We remain flexible and creative, with the strong desire to meet our customer’s goals and changing needs.
“We’ll move right in to serve you.”

Top Row: Jeremy, Chris, Adam
Bottom Row: Pauline, Solomon, Wally, Ruth



"Right within our customer’s place of business J.C.A. aims to provide the highest level of personal service and quality products with the assistance of automatic food and drink merchandisers."


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